Sky Island

"Chef Jon" is a "multi-culti" individual who has embraced the cuisines of five continents after having lived and worked overseas for nearly thirty years. Traveling to over sixty countries allowed Jon to explore and enjoy some of the world’s most interesting and delectable plates. His approach to cooking is to create uncomplicated healthy dishes with a recognizable fusion of the ingredients he has discovered, while utilizing the cooking techniques he has absorbed during his travels. He especially likes cooking with Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern spices.  Jon is delighted to have the opportunity to present healthy, yet imaginative fare for the guests coming to Sky Island.


Trina and her husband Todd are local farmers committed to raising hearty livestock including beef and pork. Trina was having health issues and heard about the benefits of the Paleo diet.  She adopted the Paleo style and quickly saw positive results: more energy, lower blood pressure, arthritis relief, and weight loss.

A few years ago Trina and her daughter Patti Lynn began experimenting with Paleo food preparation, creating many Paleo delights. Trina comments, “I love to eat, and had to change my focus from living to eat, to a truly powerful way of cooking and eating that supports my wellness and the kind of lifestyle I wanted for myself and my family.” It truly has been a lifestyle change, not just a diet.

As a director of human resources risk management in the third largest health care system in Maine, Barb acquired an excellent reputation for working with people. Barb’s dream of a second career is to offer guests a magical experience at Sky Island in the peace and serenity of rural Bucks County where her family has lived for generations.  As a lifelong learner, Barb has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and mindfulness meditation for over ten years.  In 2017, she completed Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training (RYT 200) and became certified in dōTERRA Aromatouch technique.  Barb invites you to hear the quiet and appreciate every room with a view as you aspire to be in the moment...